Thursday, August 7, 2008

So, I saw Selena Gomez on chatroulette...?

I swear 100% that i'm not trolling, and seriously I PROMISE this isn't a lie, for real. Me and my friend were messing around on chatroulette dressed as random extremists from some made up religion and we next this guy and get Selena Gomez. We were just kind of talking then she nexted us, probably cause we were too boring. :) She said something like, "Oh i'm on chatroulette to meet my fans". I was just like, "nahh probably just to see some random guys," because that's all chatroulette is right?
So have you ever seen celebrities on chatroulette or ever in real life coincidentaly?

BQ: Whats the most random thing that happened to you?

BTW, I swear it was real Because you can tell when people are actually talking to you by their facial expressions and actions. Like when we said a joke she laughed and started typing. So she was definitely real. We were like, "wave if you are real" and she waved.

Answer on So, I saw Selena Gomez on chatroulette...?

Well then to say it was fake would only be arguing and it seems you already answered your own question by swearing that is who you saw.

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