Saturday, July 26, 2008

How long should it take me to loose 10 pounds?

Im 19, female, i think i weigh around 118 right now or 120lbs, but i wanna weigh 110lbs. How long should i expect it to take, and what are ways to make it the fastest/healthiest way possilble? (thatll insure it lasts you know not just a crash diet)

Answer on How long should it take me to loose 10 pounds?

about a month...
dont drink anything else besides water
jog (doesnt matter how much as long as you get out of breath and start to sweat)or walk 30 -2 hours a day.
Dont eat anything to sweet or too salty
try to only eat three times a day (eat until youre not hungry anymore not until you feel really full)

thats the healthiest way

How is school in Italy?

How is school in Livigno actually. :D

I am moving there and I have no idea what are the rules, how do your grades work and stuff like that. :D

Please help!! :)

Answer on How is school in Italy?

Italian schools are very different from the american ones!
1)you cannot choose the subjects you want to study,they are compulsory.
2)the school begins at 8:30 and finishes at 13:30(5 hours),then we usually have a lot of homework to do
every month we usually do a classwork in everysubject,and the marks goes from 2 (which is the lowest mark)to 10(which is impossible to take!!)
3)our schools are quite little,we have not good equipment ,especially in physical education!
4)in the 90%of the schools you do not need to wear an uniform,you can wear whatever you want(of course you can't wear bikinies XD)
5)rules? should not talk during the lessons,arrive late or be absent more than the 20%of the scholastic year

try to read this sites maybe they will help you………

ths is wikipedia about livigno
i suggest you to learn a little Italian before you go there,as far as i could see on wikipedia site livigno is quite a village of 6000 inhabitants,probably the most of thm will not be able to talk a proper English or to understand you