Monday, March 3, 2008

I need Grooming tips and help for a long haired cat.?

Now, to begin with I'm going to say, I'm no stranger to grooming cats. I have had well over 40 cats in my lifetime, bath time, nail clipping, and brushing are all well known to me. But most of the cats in my past have been Maine Coon's or mixed rescues, and one Norwegian Forest Cat. And while all are long haired the grooming needs are minimal, most of them didn't need brushing at all. However, a four year old flame point Himalayan named Bingo entered my life 6 months ago. Hes a quiet gentle giant, at 14 pounds I thought he was fat (he is not), But now I'm beginning to suspect it's all fur.
After receiving him from my mothers ailing neighbor, I immediately looked up his diet needs, grooming habits, and a whole bunch of information. I formulated a grooming plan, eyes, ears, nose, and fur, and it worked.... for a while. It seems the past two months Bingo (renamed Mango), has been getting intense mattes on his neck. I didn't know how where or why these cats came into being, I brush him every night. I tried loosening it with a regular brush and comb, but ended up having to use a matte comb. And now they have been appearing every morning, I've been getting them out, but i cannot continue to use a matte comb or even put this much stress on his fur, his neck, and him. I refuse to shave him, there is no point in a long haired cat if you just shave it. But I'm at a loss on what to do. I have never had a Himalayan or even a Persian before. And this is getting ridiculous. Do you know what I can do? The internet hasn't been terribly helpful on how to prevent his problem and.... I'm... I'm at a loss really. Any help or tip will be greatly appreciated.

Answer on I need Grooming tips and help for a long haired cat.?

Great tips from everybody so far! Yes, a fish oil supplement, or feeding oily fish (tuna, halibut, mackerel, salmon, etc) really helps the coat from the inside out. I feed my cat Soulistic brand food (from Petco) in the packets, it has big chunks of fish meat in it and you can see the oil in it--my cat has the glossiest coat and hardly sheds at all! (Sorry to sound like an advertisement there, but I love the stuff!)

When you bathe him, do you use a creme rinse? That should help. A shedding comb is great for getting out dead fur (it has staggered teeth on it). I have heard great things about the Furminator pet comb product, but have never tried it myself.