Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who can honestly say that Jay R is Italian?

Jay R is saying that I'm not Italian , if you people go through all my questions and answers you can see that I'm 100% Italian and that I support my Italian team.
Have a look at his questions and answers and tell me if you think he's Italian or an Italian supporter?;_ylt…
I don't see any of his answers and questions saying that he supports Italy..

Answer on Who can honestly say that Jay R is Italian?

I am Lance not any Jason _The_Cool_Dude. You want to talk to me use my name before I call the INS to check on your status. I have my own country and we are letting you live here. Why don't you go and live in your country ?So before calling others racist, know the defintion of racism first. Cos you are the true racist as you think only Itlians can support Italy.