Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is november a good time to visit Italy? ?

and where would you recommend a 25 year old girl that is traveling alone and wants to see the beauty and culture of Italy?

Answer on Is november a good time to visit Italy? ?

November isn't a terrible time to visit here. It is one of the wettest months though and you may experience some rain. On the other hand, it won't be crowded, so it will be very easy to get around. A lot of the hotels in places like the Amalfi Coast will be closed, but there are still good places to stay.

As for things to see and do, there are lots of travel guides that describe the normal attractions here. There are also a lot of interesting festivals though. If you're in Florence, there's a good truffle festival in the small hill town of San Miniato three weekends of the month http://www.sanminiatotartufo.it/inglese/… You can get there on the train and either take the shuttle bus from the station up to the old town or walk in. There's also the People Festival in Florence from the 14th to the 21st. Verona has an International Horse Festival from the 6th to the 9th. Or there's the Gioco dell'Oca in Mirano near Venice on the 8th and 9th http://www.giocodelloca.it/. The International Theatre Festival runs through the month in Venice and there's also the Festival of La Salute that celebrates Venice surviving the plague in 1630. The Rome Jazz Fest runs through the month and the 100 presepi (nativity scenes) should be open at Sala del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo .

If you're here at the end of the month, there are a couple of good Christmas markets - the one at Stazione Leopolda in Florence is very good (indoor in the old station) as is the one in Trento (outdoor). Trento is a very nice place to visit - go take the castle tour if you're there.