Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tv survey favorite character?

drake and josh or kenan and kel
steve urkel or mytrle urkel
spongebob or patrick
mr. krabs or plankton
myra butros butros mounkhouse or laura
drake or kenan
josh or kel
homer simpson or stewie
raven or hannah montana
Tj or marcus

Answer on Tv survey favorite character?

common drake n josh r hits of today and knk were from bak then

so i will say that i like kenan n kel forever and drake n josh now

steve urkle , mytrle urcle never came on that much

patrick cuz he is fat n dum , n funny LOL

mr.krabs cuz he loves money n is greedy



josh , he lost some weight, n has long hair now , it doesn't suit him but anyway he is nice

homer simpson duh

common this is hard 2 raven will always be the best , she was the in the 2002 i think if thats when it started n so on n then it got slow but it still was my best show n i also like chelsea she was funny , now that the show is gone i like hannah montana she is so talented and lily also she is hilarious , now u know i like the sidekicks better then the star LOL

tj is smart i waNted to be like him LOL

take care