Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will someone with experience please help me with this Europe Vacation?!?

I plan to travel Europe for 4-5 weeks....

Ireland, England, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, maybe Spain and Switzerland too

I need someone to tell me about the train travel there as I am from the US...What do I need to know before I go about that...

Where can I find resources on hotels and such while I'm there so I can book hotels in advance, I plan to travel as I go so I enjoy myself more.

I need to know WHERE the sites and scenery are and how to get their (bike train taxi???), I want to see the Colosseum, the Cliffs of Moher, the sites.....

I feel like as of right now, if I arrived in Dublin or Cork Ireland by plane, I wouldn't know where to start on getting to see the how to get there and such...I just feel lost please help me!!!!!

Answer on Will someone with experience please help me with this Europe Vacation?!?

Sorry but I think you need to narrow it down a little. I did Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Greece, France, and England in 6 weeks, in that order. I was thinking Spain and Switzerland too, but the travel agent (if you can call it that, really just booked the airfare through a student travel site) said that she didn't think Spain was that much fun compared to some other places so I took her advice. I would love to see Spain but you can't fit everything in. Also I planned to go to Switzerland and only a few days before changed my mind because it's just too expensive and not a lot to offer.

4-5 weeks may seem like a good long visit right now, but it will not be as much time as you think. You will have a much better time if you have a few days to get to know and enjoy each place than if you try to rush from place to place to fit it all in. I would recommend 3-4 nights in the biggest cities you visit and 2 in average and 1 in the smallest. I wouldn't try to see 2 different cities in a day.

Check out and play with the itinerary tool and see if you think it's worth getting a pass. I absolutely would, I got the 1 month global pass (it had a different name in 05) and it was invaluable. The passes do cover Ireland but not England. All the other countries you mentioned are covered.

Also check out if you are a student or under 25. They have great prices on airfare, as well as tips and stories from other travelers. You can also review hotels and hostels there.
I would recommend hostels over hotels because they are cheaper and more fun- you meet a lot of people. They usually have lockers for your bag and you can leave your passport and valuables in the safebox.

Take as little as possible but include:
a small flashlight
a bike lock to lock your bag to railings on trains or beds
small baggage locks for your zippers
a lock for lockers in hostels
some sort of money belt to hide large sums of money and passport
a large size packtowel… a little expensive but the single item i recommend most- it's soft and lightweight and dries fast
guide book- Let's Go Europe is my fave
flip flops for showering

One more tip when choosing restaurants go down a few alleys and side streets until you get away from the main touristy areas and hear less English spoken....the food will be MUCH more authentic, tastier, and cheaper! Have fun!