Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Question about what i should do?


so i am on exchange from america to italy for this school year.

wednesdays, i have only one class

on tuesday night, it snowed about 3 inches

wednesdays i have to walk to school for about 30 min

i didnt want to walk through the snow getting all wet for one class (and it was an unimportant class)

so i wrote a text to my host mom saying that i wasnt going to school because of these reasons

in the message i asked it that was ok

she didnt reply

so i stayed anyway

when she got home, she saw me and was really surprised to see me

she asked why i wasnt at school

i gave her these reasons, showed her the text and everything

she said 'sorry, but you are on an exchange for school, not to stay at home....youre from colorado, a little snow wont hurt you, besides there isnt any snow on the roads'

i have three things about her response, 1, the exchange is not for the school, i dont even get any credit for going... 2, snow will still get me wet, even if im from colorado, and 3, the way i walk to school is through fields and alleys, places where snow WILL be, im not going to take the long way and walk on the roads....

so i said sorry that i didnt go

she said that it didnt matter to her and said 'do whatever you want'

i know she is mad, but what can i do to fix it, and what could i have done differently to avoid it?

Answer on Question about what i should do?

Dont sweat it man, why get wet for some dull class? You done good and let her know whats what. I say its too late to fix it and dont bother. Wear ya rubber boots next time.