Sunday, March 9, 2008

Please Help 10 points best answer Much appreciated!!?

First part of my dream
Location: My school during post-prom at night

" I was running around my school in my new prom dress that I bought to wear next year and I peeked into the gymnasium doors and Drake (the rapper/singer) was playing his song "Find Your Love" and everyone was still in their tuxedos and dresses and they were ballroom dancing to the song. Then my principal drug me by my hand into his office and locked the door and we had sex (he is an alright looking guy but I wouldn't do that)."

Then my dream phased into this scene.

Location: My school Elementary Parking Lot at night
Important People : Cody B.

" There was a fair going on in the parking lot and I was standing in line to get something to eat. Then Cody B. ( a kid that is in my grade that I strongly dislike.) came up behind me and hugged me and groped me."

Then my dream phased into this scene.

" I was a Barbie doll and I was living in a doll house in a field across from my parents house. I was running around looking for my wedding dress and I couldn't find it. So, I gave up and had a house party."

Then my dream phased into this scene.

Location: The old school house in the middle of town.
Important people: Dalton and Liz

"I was in the old school house and there was a prom going on. I sat down at a table and Dalton asked me to dance with him the rest of the night and forgot about his girlfriend, Liz. So, Liz broke up with Dalton and Dalton and I got together."

Then I woke up. Could you please help me interpret these dreams? It would be much appreciated! Best answer gets 10 points! Thank you

Answer on Please Help 10 points best answer Much appreciated!!?

Maybe you are dreaming about things you want.
Maybe you want to meet drake and you want to go out with Dalton.

Or the people in this dream could represent people in the future. The events could be similar but the people may not be the same.

So maybe someone famous will turn up at your prom.
In the near future, someone you dislike will become your friend.
And someone may give up someone for you.

Your subconscious mind knows more than you do. And sometimes it puts pieces of your life together to predict what might happen in the future. I believe that dreams are a way of communication between your subconscious mind and your conscience, helping to prepare your conscience for the future.
Remember that the events in your dream may not occur exactly the same but symbolize something to occur in the future.

This is where the term Deja vu comes in.
When you feel like you have been somewhere before, you might have been there in a previous dream.
just try not to over analyze every dream you have so you can see your future.