Monday, March 24, 2008

Is my boyfriend cheating on me!? Idk what to believe!!?

So heres what happened...I was at my boyfriends house while he was cleaning out his bedroom. He pulled his futon away from the wall and handed me an earring...(It wasnt mine) He said "Here u must've left this here" And I told him that the earring was not mine. He said that it has to be cuz he hasnt had any girls over. And if it was some girls, it wouldve been from someone before he knew me. He has a tendency to lie...he flirts with woman through text, phone, facebook, myspace and sexts them too...a girl also texted him and i texted her back saying that this was his girlfriend n to leave him alone. she said she only wanted to use him for sex again...and that they had sex like 2 months....(I found the earring 2 months after I talked to her) I need some help...I love him so much, but he will lie about what color underwear he's wearing if he could. I think he's cheated on me, I just need some extra advice/thoughts. Thanks!!!!!!!!

Answer on Is my boyfriend cheating on me!? Idk what to believe!!?

He's constantly dishonest and you found another woman's earring under the bed. Yes, I think he's cheating.