Monday, March 24, 2008

Advice on liquid diets?

I am going on an liquid diet. I am 17 and am very bloated and I am thinking about losing a few pounds. i do plan on eating a couple of fruits and veggies every day but on the most part just liquid. Do you have any tips for me. Or any advice!

Answer on Advice on liquid diets?

Well, it's not easy!
Do it for three days at the most otherwise you will start gaining weight.
When you are done, introduce wheat and dairy back into your diet slowly or your stomach might not be able to deal with them!
Make sure you are not doing anything outside the house of that involves people - you won't have very much energy and doing ANYTHING at all could be really hard work!
Stay away from the TV as much as possible. TV makes you hungry.
Drink herbal teas!
Have celery to munch on in the day when you get very hungry - it has about 1 calorie per stick once you've digested it.
If your tongue gets a white film over it, this is normal.

Good luck and hope this helps!