Friday, February 22, 2008

Dying my hair at home?

I recently had my hair colored several shades darker than my natural color. However, my roots are growing in and they seem noticeably lighter than the rest of my hair.

I can't afford to get them touched up at the salon right now-- I spent a ton of money my last visit and am going to Italy soon so I need to save my money. I'm considering touching them up at home.

I have some peek-a-boo highlights, but the entire top layer of my hair is all the same dark shade. I wouldn't try to touch up my roots all over, just on the top/front where it's visible. I know what shade my stylist used so was going to try to find the same brand or something very similar. Do you think I could do this without screwing it up?

Answer on Dying my hair at home? can do it..i have naturally blonde hair but i dye it black myself..(and its still healthy!!) and it actually looks good! just follow the directions..and since you only want to touch up your roots..just buy the root touch up kind..but make DEF sure it is the EXACT color or else your roots will look a diff dyed color...hope this helps!!!