Saturday, September 22, 2007

How can I lose a certain amount of weight in 3-5 months.?

Okai so I am 138 pounds and 5'3. I need to be 115 to be healthy.

I live in England, I'm 15 and I go to school. So like the gym and exercising is kinda hard to do, and ordering weight loss things like pills and solutions and diet shakes from the internet can't happen either.

I know eat healthy etc but I need like exercise plans or a diet plan or some tricks.

I don't care if it's like unhealthy pro ana shizz, Im down for that ha ha. You are who you are.

Anyway I want to be at least a healthy weight for prom. Maybe underweight because I am a big build, big bones and big boobs :S

Thankyou :*
<3 xxx

Answer on How can I lose a certain amount of weight in 3-5 months.?

2 options, 1 loose weight or 2 wear something that hides the excess whatever you dont like.

now loosing weight, 70% of it is in the food you eat and 30% is the actual excercise. if you perform the exercise wrong it has no effect and only waste your time. eating now go for more smaller proportions, salad, chicken, fish, not too much red meat. eat more at breakfest and less at dinner.

exercising now if you go for a run, you'll feel like drinking alot of water afterwards, this will fill your stomach and you wont feel hungry or desire to eat.

you can also appear slim with clothing that hide your curves etc...there are also these things that go underneath your clothes that hides your curves, like those old style corvete thingy.

dont go pill and stuff like that. also dont go missing meals cause if you go missing meals it can actually make you more flubby looking.

sleep, early wake, big breakfest, controlled intake of food, and you'll look fine

cant help you with big boobs part, though i dont see the problem in it ^^ enjoy the prom