Saturday, August 25, 2007

Any suggestions for inter-railing in Europe?

Want to go inter-railing for about 2-3 weeks , any suggestions on destinations/things to do/places to stay away from etc.?
Thinking of going France-Switzerland-Northern Italy-Slovenia and finishing in Croatia.
A few of us in our late teens/early twenties going with an interest in going out/adventure sports/THEME PARKS and even a bit of sightseeing!
Any tips welcome

Answer on Any suggestions for inter-railing in Europe?

As you can read between the lines in the first answer, try not to travel in July-August. As all cheap hostels do book up and you will have to book in advance.

50 is better than €30, but I think you need more still, €70, per day is better in my opinion. France Switzerland and Italy are expensive. Slovenia and Croatia less.
Theme parks and Adventure sports are not a cheap option, often they charge more than €30 for a day. For a day of organized adventure sports I would budget €100 per person.

If you do not want to book all your accommodation before you leave home, but still want to know for certain that you can sleep somewhere, I would book a few days ahead by internet, often you pay a small percentage of the booking, like €5 for a €50 stay, and if you want to change plans, you will not lose too much money in doing so. A credit card is needed for that. And if you do not cancel but just not show up, you might still be charged for the whole amount.

Finding Theme parks and sight seeing is easy, just google. Adventure activities are much harder to find. If you have plans for where to stay you can contact the tourist information office, they often have all information on their area, and you will be early enough to book ahead if needed. Not many companies offer tours the same day or next day, not in summer but also not before summer, with a few noticable exeptions of which I do not know even one European one.

Oh yes, one last tip, do not overfill your schedule, with just a day per country to sight see and one day to travel to the next you have already enough to fill two weeks, add one park per country and one day of activites you have run out of days on a three week trip.