Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lady Gaga vs Taylor Swift?

Who do you like better in:
Vocals, Live performance, Song writing, Song themes, and overall

Vocals: Gaga
Live Performance: Gaga
Song Writing: Gaga
Song Theme: Gaga
Appearance: I think they are both very beautiful but taylor is prettier and besides gaga can look sexy sometimes but other times she just scare me to death
Overall: Gaga

Answer on Lady Gaga vs Taylor Swift?

Vocals: Taylor Swift
Live performance: Gaga
Song Writing: Gaga's is more funky/crazy but Taylor Swift's is more personal and shows her development as a person
Song Theme: Gaga
Appearance: Taylor Swift (I'm too uncool to appreciate/enjoy Gaga's funk)
Overall: No point debating because they're both amazing artists in their own rights and both deserve kudos (which they've both received) for their very different, yet unique music.