Monday, June 18, 2007

Renaissance about Venice Italy questions. HELP!!?

1. What is this city or country famous for during the Renaissance?

2. What famous landmarks or buildings were built in that paticular city or country during the renaissance?

3. Are there any famous Renaissance writersm painters, sculptors, architects, or scientists from Venice, Italy?...Explain...

4. Was Venice, Italy famous for any one thing in paticular?

5. What is Venice, Italy famous for today? Why would people want to visit this location?...How many people visit each year?

^^ Please answerrrr...10 points for best answer!!!<3

Answer on Renaissance about Venice Italy questions. HELP!!?

1.Italy primarily considered as the start of the Renaissance - leading centres were Vicenza and Florence

2. Villa Rotunda, The Town hall Vicenza, Duomo, Florence, Uffizzi

3. Loads - most famous are probably Titian, G Bellini and Mantegna.

4. Glass - chadaliers especially.

5. Canals, a variety of architectural styles, sinking, romance, corny gondoliers, visually ravishing film productions including Death in Venice and Don't Look Now.