Monday, June 11, 2007

Why the big fuss from people(Scottish mostly) about Englands WC Group?

ive been hearing alot of talk about how england had it fixed for them to get the easist group. ive never heard such nonsense. but many scottish/irish/welsh people are saying how the "English always get a pish group" but lets not forget. we earned our place to be top seeded. and missed the likes of spain and brazil. but i am sure scotland will do good in there group, who did you get again, Brazil?? Germany?? Oh thats right..............

it anoys me when people say we get an easy group or qualifier group all the time and avoid the Big teams. but what they dont seem to understand is that we are the big team in our group.
with me being an england supporter living in scotland i hear alot of things but one thing keep popping up...if we had qualified we would have got a brazil(proberbly based on the fact that the last time they qualified in 98 they had brazil lol)
but they seem to forget that aye if they got brazil it would be extremly hard....but england is the brazil of there group.. usa, algeria and slovenia will be dreading the thought of meeting england. so thats why we dont get the top teams in world cup...because anytime we are in a group we are the big feared top team

and any way.
i have more news for the other home keep saying we got by far the easiest group as usual.....prove it

because i dont think we did.

Italy got Paraquay,new zealand and slovakia
Argentina got Nigeria, Korea and Greece.

both "easy" groups
if any i would say italy got the easist ride as i would rather play paraquay than the rising USA. and new zealand is the weakest team in the wc then they have slovkia who are about level with slovenia

aw well mayby the rigged it for england, italy and argentina eh??

at the end of the day you scottish and irish need to grow up, you would kill for a team like englands and deep down you are shitting your self at the thought of england winning the world cup....and as for still going on about 1966, i have yet to here an englishman boasting about it...but i here scottish people talking about it every single time england play

anyway we will see the irish and the tartan army in the summer !!! or mayby not

Answer on Why the big fuss from people(Scottish mostly) about Englands WC Group?

It is just sour grapes with the Scots, Welsh and Irish because they failed to qualify and i find it very sad really , why cant we just support other home nations , i was gutted for the Irish when they went out thanks to the Thierry Henry goal and if the Scots and Welsh had qualified then i would have been supporting them as well as England in the World cup as we all share the same island . As you said all the seeded teams have the chance of getting a relatively easily group in the first round but you never win the World cup the easy way as the quality teams will turn up eventually , i will be shouting for England all the way and hopefully they can pull it off , although based on past experiences i doubt it and if that happens i am sure certain Scots , Welsh and Irish will glorify in Englands failure yet again but it is better to be there and give it a go rather than not be there at all so why cant they bite the bullet and get behind their nearest neighbors ?