Sunday, February 25, 2007

Constant Chest Pain ?!?! Help Im only 17?

Well Just to clear some things up first
1. Im 17
2. Im quite active (swim team and soccer)
3. My diet is good (no junk food, no soda, nothing with high fructose corn syrup )
4. Asthma (under control)
5. Heart murmur
6. Athletic build

I have been expiriancing constant chest pain for the past year or so and it has steadely increased in frequency and pain.
It only occurs when I lay down for prolonged periods of time 1 hour or two (sleeping)

The pain is only on my left side , i feel constant preassure of sorts ( the pain is hard to describe) , Its sorta like as if someone was squeezing me from the inside and the twisting things around
THe pain seems to originate around my heart area? ( sorry havent taken anatomy class yet)
It slowly escelates if I dont get up and walk around.
The pain itself is creeping and annoying , but its also not excrutiating, I can still do everything normally and i feel no lack of motor functions or lack of breath.

Its been an annoyance of sort and havent brought it up to my family yet ( no health insurence for me right now :( but thats a diffrent story ).

I ONLY got worried recenty when I woke up in the middle of the nigth couple of days ago with a tremondus preassure on my chest, Im positive IT WAS NOT A HEART ATTACK (im a lifeguard I know all the symptoms)

It felt as if i was being punched constantly in the chest where my heart is, or kicked by a horse or something. I just had to suck it up till it went away for like 10 minutes and it eventually subsided and went away.

I know its weird to ask this on yahoo answers, I have googled all my symptoms and stuff and nothing comes up relating to me, I know if i go to a doctor their gonna try and run a bunch of test on me that we cant afford.

Any ideas?

Answer on Constant Chest Pain ?!?! Help Im only 17?

Talk to your 'rents. You really need to go see a doctor, despite what you can and cannot afford. Sorry.