Saturday, January 20, 2007

Are these any symptoms to anything?

Well, im 21, male, 5ft11. I've been well and healthy all my life. i regularly visit my doctor for check ups and stuff and nothing is ever wrong. My diet is normal and how it has been my whole life and i exercise well as i got gym at least twice a week. It my second year in university, and im not stressed or overburdened with anything.
But over the last few months, i keep getting these horrible chest pains that just stop me in my tracks for a few minutes, i had my fist mind grain a few weeks ago (right side of my head), and my sleep is all over the place. For some reason, i can not consume milk without feeling sick and i have definitely decreased the amount of food i usually consume which has resulted in a few pounds of weight loss...
So im just curious if there may be anything wrong with me? or am i just worrying over nothing.

Answer on Are these any symptoms to anything?

You should see a doctor, no-one on here is going tobe able to help you with an accurate diagnosis.

You may have some sort of lactose intolerance, which would explain you feeling sick after milk, and if you are avoiding dairy products, that could affect your weight.

See your doctor, he'll be able to help you.

Please translate this from Russian?

And please don't tell me to use Google Translate. I can actually translate most of the sentence (the first part - "how is it my fault? etc") but the second part is somewhat idiomatic and I can't understand it. Russian speakers only, no machines or robots.

nu ya 4e vinovat? Mne ot tebya hren' prishla kakaya to i poshlo posle etogo poehalo. ... a vot vabshe eto samo po sebe 3 ili 4 raz tak vihodit. 4isteishaya slu4ainost'!

Answer on Please translate this from Russian?

I already translated first part in your previous question. Approximate translation of the whole phrase (just because it is very incoherent):

"And what, am I guilty? I received a crap from you and after that all this started... And in general this happend by itself 3 or 4 times. Pure chance!

In Russian:
Ну я что, виноват? Мне от тебя хрень пришла какая-то и пошло после этого, поехало. А вот вообще это само по себе третий или четвертый раза так выходит. Чистейшая случайность!