Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Science question help please? Thank you?

Scientists observed that while mice that were fed seeds appeared to grow more than mice given leafy green vegetable. The scientist hypothesized that the protein in the seed was responsible for the growth. They designed an experiment to test this hypothesis. They divided 200 mice of the same age, size sex, and health into two groups of 100 mice each. The mice were kept under identical conditions for 14 days. One group was given a diet low in protein (leafy green vegetable) and the other group was given a diet normal protein diet(seeds). The mass of each mouse was recorded daily for 14 days.

1) which group of mice served as a control?
2) what is the independant variable, mass or days? The Dependant Variable?
3) why were larger numbers of mice used in this experiment?
4) If the result of the experiment did not show a marked change between the two groups, what should scientist do?
5) what are the parts of experiment?

Answer on Science question help please? Thank you?

1. The control is the normal one. The one that doesn't change.
2. Days are independent. Can you control days?
3. For better results... Or because they had the budget.
4. Quit and become managers at a restaurant. Just kidding... or am I?
5. The hypothesis, the manipulative variable, the controlled variable, the responding variable, the experimental control, and the trials. Who knows?