Friday, November 30, 2007

Any ideas on meals to lose weight?

I try to diet but then get tired real quick from chasing my son around the house. So I just grab anything. I need help planning meals. I hate fish and salad tastes like water. Does anyone have any ideas for planned meals that are not a hassle to make. I can set aside one day a week to cook and freeze. But i have no idea what to make. I need things for on the go. Something that is low calorie. I am keeping a diet log so I have to log calories.

Answer on Any ideas on meals to lose weight?

1 bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal w/ 1 piece of fruit and a glass of milk or water; or 2 egg whites w/ a piece of whole grain toast
Lunch:1 turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bread w/ a piece of fruit and yogurt
Snack:1 handful of almonds
Dinner:1 can of soup or a salad(doesnt have to taste like water, just add some lemon juice to it), or a piece of chicken with steamed veggies
Desert: 1 piece of fruit or frozen yogurt