Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can i ask all justin bieber's fans?

why many girls like him ? i don't know why ..

i'm not a hater nor a liker .. :))

i am just confuse .. ==

i only like " That should be me " of Justin ..

well, I may not like Justin Bieber but I think this is one of? the saddest songs about ex's and though like I said before it has a lot of meaning not like "Baby" (Not saying its bad but come on....) Who knew he had some meaningful songs.....

thanks for the help ...

Answer on Can i ask all justin bieber's fans?

I think kids in our time are confused and since the "long boy hair" is in, kids think it's bad ***. His music is ARIGHT, but not the best. We'll never know what goes on in today's children minds.....