Saturday, July 7, 2007

Why is for people hard to accept the FACT that this Barca right now is something special?

It's just stupid how people are trying to put Barca down with all kind of excuses and even some Barca fans are doubting about the greatness of this current team. I'm not saying that Barca is the best club of all time and even with Rivaldo and Ronaldinho we were just one of the best teams but right now with THIS Barca we are #1 club in the world by big gap, there is no club with so much talent anywhere else, Pep's Barca is a class above EVERYONE right now.

I'm not biased but I have NEVER seen a team like that in my whole life. I always regreted that I wasn't born few years earlier so that I could watch Dream Team ''live'' on TV and enjoy their Total Football week by week but now we have a team that is even better than Dream Team, only problem is that the competition is a little harder than 20 years ago and that in today's football luck (refs, injuries, crucial mistakes etc) is big part of success so it's really hard for one team to dominate for too long BUT that doesn't change the fact that this Barca's team is playing football that is too strong for football of today, ALL big clubs like Chel$ki, Inter, Man Utd, Bayern, Real Madrid were on their knees playing against Barca, some would say that Barca was lucky against Chel$ki but that doesn't change the FACT that a strong team as Chel$ki which are probably 2nd strongest team in the world, had to use ultra defensive tactics against Barca.... if second best in the world must DEFEND with 11 men against us then I don't know what more proof do you need that this team is something REALLY big and special. Even Mourinho's Inter that is crushing everything in Italy had to admit that only way to survive is to defend with everything that they have.

When will you get it that Pep Guardiola is BORN to be bigger legend for FC Barcelona that Cruijff himself.

Answer on Why is for people hard to accept the FACT that this Barca right now is something special?

I guess that some people just won't give credit where its due.

....the irony is killing me.