Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Day of High School sucked. HELP?! D:?

I live in New york and I'm 14. I really dislike it. Its all ghetto and crap. I'm nothing like that, people who don't know me would say I'm pretty much a scene kid, but I don't like calling myself that. But does explain a lot of who I am. So yeah everyone at the schools like a ghetto jordon wearing Drake listening person and I can't relate to any of them. I made like one friend and shes just like everyone else in the school but shes nice. I really don't plan on changing who I am just to fit in. But I'm planning to transfer to the school i wanted to go to since the very beginning but thats going too take a whole school year. And the only people i knoe from my old school is one girl i don't have any classes with and Two of my guy friends that i have lunch with but I really don't hang out with them.
Any tips at all? D:

Answer on First Day of High School sucked. HELP?! D:?

maybe the only reason why you had no friends in none of the schools was bc you are such a sterio type!! I mean, not bc they listen to Drake means they are ghetto! Drake is actually super awesome and radical, you in the other hand sound like a disturbed 'scene kid'. hahahah, who calls them self scene? Dont be a pouser,loser kid. ohh, yeah go report me! but if life had a button which i could press when i stumbled across people like you and throw them into a giant! there would be less people on Earth<3!!!!!1 i hope those kids in that school read this question, and when you go back to on Monday, they all gather up and kick you out of THEIR school. not bc you are a freshman, that gives you the excuse to be immature. and yes! you really need help!!go see to dr.phil and try to overcome you discrimination....