Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How and what do i feed a lionfish?

So i'm planning on having a dwarf fuzzy lionfish in my 30 gallon with live rock and nothing else (maybe some hermit crabs). So how should i go about feeding and diet for the lionfish. Can you feed them on a frozen food only diet? Or will this make them unhealthy. Do they tend to take pellets after a while?

Can you feed them fresh frozen fish bait like small squid (abuot the length of you middle finger including tentacles), prawns, fish, pipis, mussels, and stuff like?

Is it a good idea to put some pellets into the frozen food so they get vitamins or is there a way you can add vitamins to the food. I know at the big aquarium in my they put vitamin tablets into all of the whole fish they feed.

As for how if you just throw in a thawed bit of food will they quickly swim to it and eat it or is it better to get some soft plastic tweezers and move it in the water so the lionfish notices it.


Answer on How and what do i feed a lionfish?

Honestly, when you purchase a lion it's probably going to still be on live food only. It takes a lot of patience and trial-and-error to switch them over to frozen foods. I've had a lot of experience switching several species of lion, anglers, and sea goblins from live to frozen, and the fuzzy dwarf was the hardest.

Never feed a lionfish a consistent diet of krill, it'd be like you eating plain spaghetti. Feed a mixture of appropriate sized marine flesh pieces(including squid, shrimp, krill, mussel, marine fish flesh ect.)

If youre worried about vitamin additions you can use liquid multivitamin, like the one made by Brightwell Aquatics: Vitamarin-M

Hope this helped =)