Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can weight loss supplements delay your period?

My period is 2 weeks late already. I'm a virgin but I mess around with my boyfriend. I think its unlikely that I'm pregnant though but anything is possible. I just turned 17. I take 2 weight loss supplements that are all natural one is african mango extract and the other is weight savoir by new health its all natural extracts though. I read that a change in diet can delay a period but can taking that? I started taking them right after my last period but my chery was also popped by my bf since then. We didn't have sex he fingered me. Please only mature serious answers. I am also bloated for the past week and I been feeling dizzy...
Could I just be sick? Pregnant? My last period was december 16th. Thanks for the help

Answer on Can weight loss supplements delay your period?

Yes it absolutely can. :)