Saturday, December 30, 2006

Can masturbation make you anemic?

I've been masturbating a lot because of my depression problems. I gone anti-social. Nothing seems to help, but I found out I was anemic. I was wondering can it cause hair loss or only if you have the hair loss gene? I am pretty sure I do not have hair loss gene because I take after my mom's side, but you never know. If my diet really has anythiing to do with my issues I like to eat seafood, diffrent meats, veggies, etc...and I also drink soda - which is bad for my health lol

So back to the chase, can masturbation cause anemia? I got blood work done and I am anemic, but I dont want to take Iron pills.

Please give me a good answer, but no harsh comments. -_-

Answer on Can masturbation make you anemic?

despite anything you hear masturbation can not harm you it might make it harder for you to be aroused later on in life like it might take you ten minutes instead of 5 or whatever but no it cannot cause you to be anemic or bald or get hairy palms. you should take the iron pills or increase your red meat intake also ive heard cooking in cast iron skillets will increase your iron