Sunday, November 5, 2006

I know lots of people have asked this BUT who do you like better, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

I personally prefer Miley better. She's a better singer, she seems cooler, she does a lot for charity, and she seems more real. I like this edgy new Miley. Sure she's not perfect, but I like that she's confident and doesn't let Disney control her personal life.

To me Selena Gomez can't sing at all, although she is a little bit better of an actress than Miley. But Selena is just a Disney Puppet. She gets held as a 'good role model' just because she dresses conservatively, doesn't express sexuality, and gives the prudish adults what they want in a teenage girl. She comes off as fake because of that and I hate the Disney Good Girl Image because it's repressive and disrespectful to teenagers. We shouldn't be forced to act like virginal innocent children in order to be accepted. It's not fair that if a teenage girl conforms to that she gets to be a 'good role model' but if she doesn't she's labeled a slutt. BORING.

I just know some narrow-minded person is gonna say "At least Selena is a 'good role model' and isn't a 'hoe' like Miley!" Well you know what? She has the right to express her sexuality both in her private life and as an artist. IT TAKES MORE GUTS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF AND DO WHAT YOU WANT KNOWING THAT PEOPLE WILL HATE YOU FOR IT THAN IT DOES TO SAFELY PLAY BY THE 'RULES'. That's why I like Miley Cyrus better.

Nobody can seriously be expected to be a 'good role model for little kids' 24/7, especially not a teen or young adult. These girls are 17 going on 18. This is the time of their lives! They should be experimenting with different styles, pushing limits, living life to the full, and discovering what they want to do. As long as their not destroying themselves with drugs or being crimminals or anything like that.

If being a 'good role model' meant not being allowed to be sexual and express myself freely, and having to be some fake innocent that I didn't want to be then I wouldn't want to be a 'good role model' either. Would you?

Who do you like better?

Answer on I know lots of people have asked this BUT who do you like better, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez.

She's not fake. Miley is.