Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to get boyfriend back?

to keep it short, ask for more deets if u want them.

boyfriend talking to female coworker.. A LOT. she's going through a divorce. (i don't trust her for anything, trust him.. but he is a guy, lol)

they go to bars after work (with other coworkers) but she asked him to a phillies game... just him and her when we already had plans he wanted to cancel on me "bc she needed him as her friend, she's going through a tough time" sorry! but he hasn't even known her for 2 months!

they text/ facebook a lot (all seems harmless, but she is still married) he insisted they were friends and told me to drop it. I sent her a friend request just for the heck of it, thinking "oh they're friends, it won't be awkward for me to add her) WRONG.. i get an angry call from him saying she texted him "your girlfriend added me on FB, i honestly think she hates me and i haven't done anything wrong"

IMO- i think he was blind to her until i just pointed this out yesterday.. but why the hell would she say that unless she has a guilty conscience, right? And trying to play the victim

I know that my obsessing over this is going to ultimately push him away, but she's really getting to me, i was honestly OK until the huge stink over a FB request. then that really put me off.

Please help, how do I handle this and stop obsessing and just get my boyfriend back. We had a super relationship until this..(he won't stop talking to her, he's made that clear)

Answer on How to get boyfriend back?

She's playing a game, so you need to start playing it back. She's making him feel sorry for her and is attempting to make you look like the 'bad guy'. You need to stay in control and start planning what you want to do'll need to keep your boyfriend happy with you and on your side. Get involved with the girl and pretend that you actually care-but at the same time keep a distant, explain to your boyfriend that you appreciate what he's done(compliments you see {; ) but also explain that she will soon get over it and that she won't depend on him forever- don't start ranting on and on about her and don't show that you loath her- she WANTS this. Plan as many things as you can with him to keep his distance from her, if he keeps cancelling, you know somethings wrong, so put your foot down and ask him straight what is going on. I know it will be hard, but keep as calm as you can. It'll all smooth out in the end:)