Sunday, September 17, 2006

Would you name your child after a place?

I was just sitting here wondering how many people would actually consider naming their child after a place or even country. My own mums name is Roma after the city of Rome but it is a popular girls name in Italy and we are Italian. I have compiled a list of legitimately used names that are also places or country's. Would you use any or do you think the whole thing is overdone?

Paris - means from Paris
Rome means from Rome
London - means the great river
America - means home ruler
Alexandria - means defending men
Venice - means english name for italian city
Ennis - means Island
Eire - means Ireland
Colorado - means colourful
Sydney - means Contraction Of St. Denys
Holland - means ridge land
Melbourne - means mill stream
Alabama - means uncertain
India - means person from India
Cuba - means name of contry centre of an island
Japan - means to mutter a prayer
Texas - means friends
Nevada - means snow covered
Brooklyn - means new york borough
Cairo - means victorious one
Atlanta - means balance

I would personally use Roma for the reasons stated above and Alexandria and Ennis because I think their pretty.

Answer on Would you name your child after a place?

I wouldn't. Alexandria, Sydney, and Holland were on my list at one point, but I don't like them so much anymore. One place name I *might* consider - Indiana. I love the nickname Indie, but I don't know if I would be daring enough to use it :P