Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it appropriate to say I Love You to a married man?

so theres this girl who texts my husband, i've had reason to believe that she likes him (her calling him sexy, constantly texting, flirting, exc...)
One day i saw that she texted my husband saying "ya know ive allways meant it when i say it, i love you even though you are married" I saw this message and my first thought was wtf is she saying i love you to my husband for?
anyways my hubby stopped talking to her, blocked her number, exc... because i was upset about it.
its been about 3 months now and she messages him on facebook, saying shes sorry and hopes they can be friends. He didn't message back because he knew i'd be upset if he talked to her again, so i messaged her asking why she told my husband she loved him.
She claims things were twisted all around and that she never meant it in that way, that she meant it in a friend way.
What i can't get over is she said the "i love you even though you are married" implying that its not the type of love you usually have for a married man...

does anyone have any input or thoughts? Is it wrong to tell a married man you love him like she did or does it sound like i am reading to much into it? How do any of you ladies feel you would react?

Answer on Is it appropriate to say I Love You to a married man?

What she said was very immature and very inappropriate. Obviously she has a close enough relationship or friendship with your husband where she feels comfortable enough to talk to him that way....and flirt without feeling guilty. He accepted their bond and her comments. It was probably flattering to him, made him feel younger than he is and attractive. She took advantage of his acceptance of her and went straight for the jugular. If you had not intercepted, who knows what else she would have done. She's attracted to him, there's no doubt about that, but that's your husband's fault for not being man enough to tell the little girl to stay in her place. Your husband needs to decide if he's going to be a husband....and more responsible. Why should you have to keep your eye on a grown man who supposedly is your best friend for life?