Friday, August 4, 2006

Great dane?????????????????

Sorry for so many question marks. I am getting a Great Dane and would like to know some tips about them, yes I have read about there diet, bloat and other things to know about Great Danes. I want a experienced owners tip. Otherwise thank you for the comments and have a good one!

Answer on Great dane?????????????????

Wow...I'm sitting here reading what Samantha wrote and thinking of how opposite Luke is to her dane lol.

He has NEVER knocked anyone down. Although when playing he has given me a ton of bruises. He was taught from day one that I am the ONLY one he is allowed to play with physically. I taught him "gentle" both with his paws and when he uses his mouth. ((this has defintely come in handy when he plays with my mother's dogs, one of which is a shih tzu pup)) He has never been destructive or broken things from being too hyper in the house. His breath smells better than any humans I've ever known lol. He never smells like a dog, even when wet. His coat is so shiny you can practically see your reflection in it ((but he is on a VERY good food)) Nor is he hyper in the house. He has his zoomies once in a while, more when he was younger, but he was trained from day one the word "calm" and listens well.

Great Danes are infact very smart. You just have to know what motivates your individual dane and when to work with them. Some don't have huge attention spans, so keep training short, fun and simple. You'll know when they're out of the "zone" and aren't going to respond to any more lol.

Yes, I constantly get the stupid horse comments, but Luke is so well behaved out in public, always has been, that even people that are terrified of dogs are drawn to him. It takes me ten times as long to get to where I'm going when he's with me, as we're stopped every two feet by people who just want to meet him, pat him, and ask questions or take pictures of him. Frankly it gets annoying because it's like having the pupperatzi follow us wherever we go. I have to go out at three in the mornign just to have a nice quiet, uninteruppted walk with him lol.

Great Danes need training from day one. The things you don't want them to do when they're full grown? Don't allow them to do it even once when they're pups. They can be master manipulators lol. They are very sensitive so positive reinforcement training is best when working with them. They NEED to be with their people. This is NOT a breed that can be left outside for hours at a time alone, and if you're a person who travels or is away from home alot, leaving your dane alone or with other people, it's not the breed for you. Some danes have literally died from the stress of having their owners end up in the hospital, or going away on vacation, leaving them. It all depends on the strength of the bond your dane has with you. Many danes suffer from extreme seperation anxiety. This is somethign that must be worked on right away, and it can be prevented, if the proper steps are taken.

If you're going to feed kibble, they require a premium food, not something you find in a grocery store. There are quite a few suitable brands on the market. Luke is on Chicken soup for the adult large breed and he's done wonderfully on it. No smell, no dry, coarse coat, as i mentioned, it's so shiny you can see yourself in it practically lol. I am lucky to have a really healthy dane that hasn't cost me a fortune ((KNOCK ON WOOD)) in vet bills, but I know MANY people who haven't been so lucky.

Be aware that a bored, unhappy and under stimulated dane can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home/belongings if not watched. What would take a normal breed days to destroy, a dane can destroy in minutes. I didn't have this problem because Luke has always been monitored and wasn't destructive by nature, but again, I know many who have.

In general, there truly is nothing like a great dane, but they are not for everyone. Reading about danes, or even knowing friends with them, and actually living with one is a totally different story, so my advise to you is to find a reputable breeder who will allow you to have some one on one time with their adult danes so you can get a good idea of just what it's like to have one in your home, at your side twenty four seven.

If you have any more questions, feel free to check out our great dane owners forum.
Good luck!