Thursday, June 29, 2006

How much Ativan to take for a flight?

Hello, I am traveling to Italy next week, and being a nervous flyer, I asked my doctor for something to help me sleep and relax. She gave me ten 0.5mg tablets of generic Ativan.

I took one last night just to see how it will effect me, and to my surprise it didn't do a thing. I'm guessing one pill of that amount wasn't enough. I have read online that some people take 1 or 2+ milligrams to fall asleep.

Does anyone know how much I should take?

Answer on How much Ativan to take for a flight?

It's actually dangerous to ask strangers for dosage advice. We don't know you, your body, or how you respond to medications. Best to call your doctor's office or ask your pharmacist.

Have a super flight!