Saturday, May 27, 2006

NOkia N95 MAps?

I live in the Netherlands but for 3 days I have come to Italy, Rome. I had T-mobile perpaid SIM card in the netherelands, and now in Rome it changed to TIM.

I tried to go to maps to find my location, but it does not work. the 3 small lights at the right down corner stay yellow. it appears that i hav no connection through internet. I checked the settings and only t-zones and T-mobile Internet was available.

when I try to locate myself at the hotel with WLAN, it works, but when I go outside, it does not. plese help me as I cannot go anywhere. ad i am leavinf italy in 3 days.

thank you

Answer on NOkia N95 MAps?


If you are having trouble connecting to either 3g or GPRS, I would strongly suggest that if you have a pc you can access. Download the PC Maploader software from the Nokia website and load Italy maps on your N95 manually. If you have any trouble doing that you can still contactg me. ;)