Saturday, May 6, 2006

Illegal immigration in Italy. How come these people are not sent back?

Was thinking of going to Italy soon, but I'm not sure what the deal is there with these illegal immigrants from places like Tunisia.

1) Why are these people not sent back immediately? They're illegal immigrants and never got any visas.

2) Let's say an illegal immigrant enters Italy and then goes to Austria. Why can Austria sent him back to Italy? Why not deport him back to the country of origin?

3) Why don't they guard their borders a little better? The distance by sea is not that short.

4) Why are they called refugees or fugitives? In other countries they're called illegal immigrants.

Answer on Illegal immigration in Italy. How come these people are not sent back?

Like i said in one other similar question:
a lot of Italians are worried about it.. but we cant do anything..
Tunisian ARE NOT REFUGEES.. since i can remember, tunisians and people from other north-africa states travelled here illegally.. dont tell me bullshits.. italian navy cant do anything without an order.. and the politics are idiots.. look at Malta.. they shot the "illegal boats".. we should do the same..
I'm not a racist, but here we are talking of thousand of people.. all years..
the reception centers.. our taxes end up there.. for what? a lot of immigrants (illegals) are criminals..

Refugees does not travel illegally.. but they are not refugees..

I hate Italy.. and this is one of the reason..

illegal immigrants steal the work to us .. if they work instead of stealing or sell drugs of course..