Monday, April 17, 2006

Do you agree that Justin Bieber's fans are a gang?

I think Justin Bieber's fans are a gang! A gang composed of horny, delusional, teenage girls. Anyone they perceive as doing Justin wrong, they attack! They said if Selena Gomez do Justin wrong, they will kill her! And they sent death threats, and insulting remarks to singer Esperanza Spalding, because she won Best New Artist Award, over Justin Bieber. I don't know about anyone else, but that's a gang mentality!

Answer on Do you agree that Justin Bieber's fans are a gang?


I am a STRONG Belieber. I mean, like, very strong. If anyone says anything bad about my Justin, us Beliebers will attack. Yes, by the way, I agree to your stereotype - horny teenage girls. Delusional, yeah, I hate to admit it haha :P

But OMB, if that ***** Slutlena Whorez steps out of line, we will make sure she won't be able to sit for a millenium. >:)

Unique Creative Cute Username?

My little sister wants a creative username (for twitter, yahoo answers, etc.) Her name is Jen. Any ideas?

Answer on Unique Creative Cute Username?

Unique Creative Username needed to copy.

Ah, irony. :)