Saturday, March 4, 2006

Do you think a lot about your parents getting old?

i can't help stop thinking of my parents getting old. My mom is 73 and my dad is 75, after living apart (hubby and I lived in the States, both my parents and my in laws are in Italy) for 10 years, I decided with hubby to go back to Italy and enjoy our families. Well things did not turn out as we wished. My parents bought us a house where we could live without working and simply enjoy life. Turns out a mess, the house is not livable, people toss trash all around, there are asbestos roofs around us and we discovered our neighbors must build a 3 meter road in our land for a right of passage.

Hubby wants to leave now. I feel terrible for my parents that did such a big sacrifice for us to buy the house which turned out to be a nightmare. We are asking money back but the seller does not have it anymore etc etc and bureaucratic stuff in Italy suck;. to make story short I would go back with hubby but sort of know that I might not see my parents anymore... they are getting old and no longer feel like traveling.. my brain says follow hubby, but in the US I know I will end up missing my parents so much and thinking of them aging without me when we should spend this time together.. it just rips my heart apart... my parents would like to buy another home for us but hubby says no way...

Answer on Do you think a lot about your parents getting old?

I'm really sorry about your situation. :/ I would suggest trying to work out a compromise, and visiting your parents as often as you can no matter what happens.

How Many of These TV Shows Do You Watch?

Mark the boxes with X's if you watch the show.

Best Answer Question: What's your favorite out of these...

[] Lost
[] Bones
[] House M.D.
[] Ghost Whisperer
[] MTV Teen Cribs
[] My Super Sweet 16
[] Jersey Shore
[] Keeping Up With The Kardashians
[] Scrubs
[] How I Met Your Mother
[] Gary Unmarried
[] Malcolm In The Middle
[] Two And A Half Men
[] The Big Bang Theory
[] MadTV
[] Friends
[] Glee
[] King Of Queens
[] Drake And Josh
[] Mythbusters
[] The Amazing Race
[] Survivor
[] Wipeout
[] So You Think You Can Dance
[] Good Game
[] The Simpsons
[] Spongebob Squarepants
[] Futurama
[] Family Guy

Answer on How Many of These TV Shows Do You Watch?

[X] The Big Bang Theory
[X] Friends
[X] King Of Queens
[X] Drake And Josh
[X] The Amazing Race
[X] Survivor

My Favorite out of them is Friends