Monday, February 20, 2006

Septated Ovarian Cyst...Very Worried!?

I am 47 years old and haver rarely ever been sick. Seven years ago...actually 7 years and 3 months ago I had an ultra sound done by my OBGYN and was diagnosised as having a "septated ovarian cyst". The measurements of the cyst at that time was 4.1cm X 1.8cm. I had pain both in my lower abdomen and my lower back espcially if I lifted or did any excercise. I was distented and I was very concerned. My OBGYN put me on birth control pills and told me to take them without taking the placebo pills. I took the pills for three months and gradually the pain begain to recide and eventually about 5 or 6 months later the pain completly went away and has not returned for 7 years! Here is my question I did not know what a "septated ovarian cyst" was at the time. I just figured I had a cyst and it went away, I never went back to get a second ultra sound. I was so worried that I just wanted to forget about it since I had no symptoms I figured why bother. But recently I stumbled accross information that says that having a septated cyst increased the chances of it being or becoming cancer. Is this true? I excercise now and run several miles per week. I do not have any pain or even discomfort and I am not distended. My appitite is great and there is no weight loss, fever, bowl issues or other "cancer symptoms". I am still taking the same birth control pills now for seven years and not taking the placebos. My family has no history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer or any other cancer that I know of except my mother did die of lung cancer at age 75. All four of my grandparents lived to be over 85. I do not smoke and try to eat a good diet and stay in shape. Someone told me that maybe the cyst srunk but is still there and that it could still be cancer. Is that possible? Should I be concerned?

Answer on Septated Ovarian Cyst...Very Worried!?

You should have a follow up with your Dr. I guess this also means that you have not had a yearly exam (Pap smear) in 7 yrs, very unwise. Make an appt with your Dr and follow through.