Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Where can i buy an iphone in usa?

Hi guys! I'm going to visit usa on may. I would like to buy an iphone and take away it in italy for personal use. Do you know where i may buy an iphone. I would prefer no a normal shop but something like app store. I don't know. Maybe i could receive the iphone in hotel buying it on appstore and then what can i do to receive it? I hope to find out a way somehow. However thanks! Guys, you're my only hope!!!

Answer on Where can i buy an iphone in usa?

id go online:P

Need some new/good music?

I listen to mainly pop, a little rap, hip hop, alternative and that kind of stuff. NO COUNTRY, please (:
I really like artists like b.o.b, ke$ha, eminem, bruno mars, taylor swift, cash cash, spose, lil wayne, lady gaga.
If you could just list a few songs for me it would really help. Thanks you guys!

Answer on Need some new/good music?

The Antlers.
Band of Horses.
Maps & Atlases.
We Are Scientists.
Rogue Wave.