Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Adderall as a weight loss drug? ?

I've been hearing of a lot of people lately going on adderall for weight loss. I was thinking about it too. I do have a lot of the symptoms for adhd but not all of the symptoms. I took an online test for adhd and I was one point away from being concidered as a person with adhd. So I don't see how it would totally be wrong for me to try to get it too. I was just trying to get some other opinions from people. Also, there are doctors who actually do prescribe it for losing like 30 pounds so its not like it would kill you or anything otherwise they wouldn't think twice about it.

Answer on Adderall as a weight loss drug? ?

Taking Adderall to lose weight is basically forcing yourself to be anorexic. In all honesty an online test is not going to tell you if you have ADHD, only a professional can really diagnose it, so don't try to use that as your own personal justification. I don't care whether or not you take Adderall, I'm just saying don't lie to yourself about your reasons for taking it, when people do that they create problems and habits before they even take the drug.

That being said, I have seen people (including myself) use this drug for various reasons, but the main reason was to lose weight. I took it for about a week or 2 then my supplier dried out and I was unable to get anymore (that was until I came to college). This actually turned out for the best, my friend who also was taking it to lose weight got down to 110 lbs and she was 5'7". She really wanted to be 100 lbs but it got so bad that she was hospitalized and went to rehab for several months. You have to keep in mind that since Adderall does contain amphetamines it is a very addictive drug (it's like taking a small amount of Speed), it is so hard to take enough to make you lose 30 lbs and just quit. Even if you realize that you have reached your goal weight, you will discover the other benefits of Adderall such as overwhelming joy, extremely high motivation, energy, and concentration levels, and a general overall invincible feeling. That combined with how awful you feel coming down (depression, insomnia, physical and mental fatigue), you won't ever want to stop taking it. Also, are you aware people use to get tapeworms for the purpose of losing weight? The tapeworms would eat all the food you took into your body, and eventually you would get rid of the tapeworm. The issue was though that people kept dieing because their bodies were receiving no nutrients. Taking Adderall to lose weight is similar to that, except you won't feel the need or want to eat anything in the first place.

As for your last statement about it not killing you, plenty of drugs that are prescribed to patients can kill you (Vicodin, sleeping pills, ect). They don't prescribe it to you because they think it will kill you, they prescribe it because they believe that the benefits of the drugs will outweigh the costs it takes on your body. Adderall can kill you, if you take enough in a short amount of time and the amphetamines build up in your system, it can overwork your heart and lead to a heart attack. If you take it, even in small amounts, you can already feel your heart pounding a fairly fast rate.

The decision is ultimately yours of course, I from time to time still take Adderall but it's usually for extremely stressful times, such as when I'm confronted with a large workload, or when I feel extremely depressed. It's easier to take it for these reasons because I don't have to take it everyday, like someone would if they were using it to lose weight.

Mac file conversions (wmv, avi etc.)?

I'm trying to switch over from a Window to a Mac and I barely know how to use it. But anyway I have a lot of old files on my window that are wmv or avi type files. Is there a program that I can buy or download that could play all those files? I know there are a lot of converters but most of the ones I encountered only download them one at a time.

Answer on Mac file conversions (wmv, avi etc.)?

There are 2 options for U,
Option 1. Download VLC player for Mac & it can Play all files without conversion,
Option 2.If U do want to convert,as my friend says ,there is no software to convert all files at once U gotta do it 1 at a time or U can write a DOS batch file to convert any number of files at a time.