Sunday, January 8, 2006

Who else is really tired of Miley Cyrus? (no miley fans, please.)?

mmKays. First it was cute, but now it's on my nerves. She can't sing, nor act, and she is famous for nothing, and her father got her famous. On every magazine it has a pic of miley and in it there is probably SOMETHING ABOUT HER. That's it, I am fed up!! I just sometimes wish that she would disapear. All my friends are Miley crazy and I am going to puke if I hear the words "I love Miley" ever again! I bet people know more about Miley than themselves! What ever happened to all the kids who'd talk about Drake and Josh? Now they talk about Hannah Montana. :( Omg I am so fed up!!

Answer on Who else is really tired of Miley Cyrus? (no miley fans, please.)?

She's the new thing pre-teens like. She is cute, and she has appeal.

To me, she pretty much got these Jonas brothers kids famous. I heard NOTHING about them, until they were on her show. Now they are touring together... and since when did having a TV show... and pretending to be a singer... actually MAKE you a singer.

I think it's wrong that she's Miley/Hannah. She is one person. She isn't even that good of a singer. She can sing however. I get tired of hearing about her, and her stupid Jonas Brothers.

Sadly, though, I do like her show. The acting is so horrible, it makes it funny. And whoever her friend is on the show, Lily, I love her. And that boy is sort of cute too. And that's hurts to say that, admitting that a 22 year old woman likes a show meant for 10 year olds.

She is getting annoying, but remember. She will eventually fade out, when one of the Jonas Brothers makes her pregnant... or when the next "big thing" erupts from the basement of Disney.