Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tofu experiment?

I am trying to add protein to my diet without meat and I heard that tofu is packed with protein.
But heres the problem, I heard that tofu has a really bland taste and someone told me the funny little thing tha tofu does... it imitates whatever you cook it with.
So, my question is... what recipe can I try with tofu so I don't totally reject it and dub it as "unedible"?
Are there other vegan alternatives to getting more protein into my diet?

Answer on Tofu experiment?

First of all, I love tofu! You are correct that it is bland without any seasoning. But you can definitely take care of that with no problem. Next time you go to the grocery store, try to find those McCormick marinade packets. They've got tons of flavors, but I like the mesquite and bbq marinades the best. They're not ALL veg*n, so look at the ingredients carefully. If you like spicy food, I like ma po tofu (in our store it's in the ethnic food aisle). I would suggest cutting the tofu up in small cubes, marinate 15 minutes or longer, and then fry in a pan. Oh, and use firm or extra firm.

Other meat substitutes:
Boca makes Boca burgers, but if you're used to eating real hamburgers, make sure you have lettuce, tomato, and other condiments. That way they test better, and of course get the extra veggies. Boca also makes chicken nuggets which are really good.

Morningstar makes what I think are called Meal Starters. They have "ground beef," "steak strips," and "chicken strips." I use the "ground beef" in tons of recipes. They also make chicken patties and chicken nuggets.

Gardenburger also makes vegetarian and vegan burgers (make sure to look at the box) , veggie crumbles (ground beef), and my favorite - bbq riblets. Oh they're so yummy!