Friday, December 2, 2005

Why don't people face facts that their team can lose?

Yeah I agree Italy lost and they didn't play very well. Even Champions can't win them all. This was their first loss in almost a year and Italian fans should be very proud. But what's wrong with you people? Liverpool fans say Milan cheated when clearly Milan were the best in the Champions League and dominated every game. French fans or English fans say Italy didn't deserve to win the world cup when clearly Italy only got scored twice and their players were the best in the whole tournament. Face it people your team can lose but it's just that my teams are wearing stars and jelousy has overtaken people.

The World Champions are Italy
The European Club Champions are AC Milan
The Best Player Award was awarded to Fabio Cannavaro
The Golden Boot to Totti

So instead of acting like sour losers go and learn how to play and than try to achieve what the Italians have done since football got invented and that's to WIN

Answer on Why don't people face facts that their team can lose?

Don't worry Sasan. You don't have to be of a certain nationality to support a team. I'm Canadian and I still support their national team as well as Italy lol...
I don't know what went wrong though, Buffon said something about their focus not being there. What matters is that, the players and Donadoni will learn from this defeat, they'll bounce back. Materazzi's injury will surely be a big blow, but they'll cope...