Saturday, November 26, 2005

Desperately seeking answers to my medical mystery?

I have been sick since jan 29th. I have doctors baffled so far. even though they are still searching for answers to why I was so sick and still having complication. On jan 29th I became ill. I was on my menstrual cycle. bleeding extremely bad (going through a pad every twenty mins.) i bad cycles for the last year. this was the worse. I stopped bleeding and within the hour felt tingly all over my body. like something flowing through my body. I went in to a tremor. my body started shaking as if i was cold and pretty badly i was shaking uncontrollably. I also began to get very nausea and throwing up. now before this. I was being to have numbness around my lips and getting really light headed. I also borrowed my brothers Sugar testing strips and tested my Sugar. sometimes when i felt lighted headed and numb like i ready to pass out i would test my Sugar. it would be high for me at 134 and drop to 94 when i felt better. I begin to think i was allergic to something i was eating. until the night of jan 29th. when i had the tremor i went to the ER. they didn't do anything for my heavy periods because i had just stopped bleeding. they told me i had a bug. this went on for two weeks. i kept going back to the ER. because I started feeling like death. They kept telling me it was a prob. a viral infection. or a cold. I was giving fluids for dehydration and medication of what i don't remember to calm my nerves for the tremors. I was throwing up all day. not able to drink or eat anything. i seriously lost 30 pounds in the month of feb. I was going to the ER so much in the first part of Feb. that I had a CT scan on my head.. because i was having trouble talking. i was being to get confused. I was turned away from one hospital.because i was in the hospital so much. I had extremely sever stomach pain. I was flushed. crying from the pain. Having tremors almost everyday sometimes twice a day. I was throwing up all day . the color was green a few times. then yellow. and sometimes clear. My bowels also began to get white. half white and half brown at one point. Like mucus or something.. I began to get so sick my kids began to stay with family. I have had my pancreas, gallbladder, liver, uterus, bladder(was treated for IC), lungs, bowels(done by a GI doctor twice) all checked. I have been put on depo for my cycles. and so far no doctor has been able to find out why i was so sick.
My daughter began to have the same problem.. pain in the stomach. and nausea as well as white spots in her stool fortunately she never was as bad as me. Unfortunately she is still having slight stomach pain and white in her stool.
here is what we have suspected. our apartment which could have had mold. had a mouse infestation we would kill eight to ten a night. find droppings on the window sill, the dry wall was being sucked up to the heater because there was no metel going up to the heater from the cool air intake. we had ants really bad. and the laundry room would flood. so we moved out and a week after the tremors i had stopped. i only had two the first week i moved out.

we have changed our diet. we no longer eat fast food. and eat fresh fruits and veggies all day. we began to cook our dinner and don't by ready made stuff. or eat processed stuff. including hot dogs, pizza bites.

I have been to the obgyn, GI, family doctor, and they all say there is something more to it then what they have found.

my son began to get stop eating before we moved out as well

i have called the health department on the apartment. it is a brick apartment. the foundation is pulling away from the building. and the carpets were never cleaned when we moved in.. shag carpet. we are sure its been there awhile.. Also the Water tasted really funny. and me and my daughter drink a lot of water.

I also have a fish tank that has some little tiny parasites in it. but the kids don't touch that

my worse fear is did i get an std and somehow my daughter picked it up.

i have stopped taking any medications as well as my daughter stopped her adderall.

the only things they found wrong were my platelets were low. i am anemic, and on iron for that now, my blood was 11.

I have had an upper GI done. 2 lower GI. the first
one i was a little swollen. and needed to be knocked out completely cause it hurt to much.
I have had CT done on my head and my uterus. as well as an xray on my stomach. i had a bowel specimen takin. took medication for parasites. they said i was negative for parasites. In total i lost 40 pounds. I have had two shots incase it was a std. i think clymidia and gonarea. I am totally lost and the doctors keep testing me for more.

i have actually had my first few good days this week. but i would sleep in bed most the day. can anyone help me?????? please only honest real answers. thanks if you need anymore info please ask.. i am waiting for the health department to go over and check the apartment out.

I was only hospi

Answer on Desperately seeking answers to my medical mystery?

For starts the tingling, possibly shaking and all that is probably due to your menoraghhia (I always misspell that word) and the anemia, been there, do that.

My first thought when you described your GI symptoms is fungus and or worms, especially since your children have similar symptoms. I would also bet you were affected far worse due to the anemia and your body being unable to recover or fight it off as well as a result. I know they said you were negative for parasites but I bet if they cultured what was in your fish tank (especially if you used tap water for it) and looked for what they ID from it in your stool they might find the same thing and might be able to do a more targeted therapy.

Not a doctor, but it's a direction to consider. I've learned that just because it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, there's always that weird chance that it's a pidgeon.