Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Is this poem about why African immigrants are corrupting Italy racist?

Take Them Away

Take them away,
from our coveted peninsula,
where culture dominates,
and friendship is grown from birth
and lasts from childhood to death.

Take them away,
they have their own communities to corrupt,
goods to steal and drugs to sell,
where friendship grows from money,
and appears at the sound of a gunshot.

Take them away,
before they distort our society,
before they trash our lakes and pollute the economy,
they will take our once traditional jobs,
and turn society on its head.

Take them away,
else they will make a shelter of a cathedral,
a crime scene of a shop owner's store,
a trash bag of our streets.
They plague the once clean culture of ours.

Take them away,
as they deceive our eyes,
and create bogus goods to sell,
of which they flourish upon.
Their lives thrive on crime.

Take them away,
as they darken our streets,
morally, spiritually, and economically,
coming from the South,
they force us to head Southward.

Take them away,
stop them in their tracks,
as they make the voyage across the sea,
they look for a new life of prosperity,
but only end up in poverty.

Take them away,
turn them around before they reach our shores,
before they poison our culture and way of life,
send them back to their native land,
where they may live freely among their own customs.

Take them away,
let them not intrude on our comfort,
our mental sanctuary must be left untarnished,
let us enjoy our great country through our own means,
let our own criminals be the sole occupant of our worries.

Take them away,
our country is the best as it is,
our culture rises above all others,
let it not be ruined by those who look for a new life,
a new life with the intent to destroy hopes and dreams of others.

Take them away,
our history is primitive,
and dear to our memories,
let not these trespassers stain our pride,
our joy of life.

Take them away,
as we are content as it is,
we need not more a crowded society,
we need not less liberty,
we enjoy our freedom, our culture, our life.

Take them away,
they do not belong.
We live amongst ourselves legally and happily,
intertwined with those who aim not to hurt but to help and improve,
our country is best without them.

Answer on Is this poem about why African immigrants are corrupting Italy racist?

I see nothing wrong with that. They don't have a problem with black people, just illegal black people. Anyone from the US has no room to talk especially if they've ever made a comment about illegals. Whether in the US or Europe, if you aren't legal we want you out of the country. Nothing racist or prejudice about that.