Friday, September 2, 2005

I cant remember the name of this book!!! (or the authors name!)?

i read this book a few years ago about this girl who is like in Italy with her dad, they were driving along and either he got shot or he had a heart attack i cant remember then these people in a car pull over and kidnap her and take her to this house where she lives with them and this lady but she only speaks english and none of them do....

Answer on I cant remember the name of this book!!! (or the authors name!)?

Three Days by Donna Jo Napoli
Eleven-year-old Jackie accompanies her father on a business trip to Italy. While driving to their hotel after dinner, he suffers an apparent heart attack but manages to pull over before dying. Nightmarish scenes follow when she is unable to get any help from passing motorists. Finally, a man and his grown son, Francesco, stop and take Jackie to the remote countryside hours away, where they live and force her to stay. Three days pass during which readers experience Jackie's fear, resourcefulness, courage, gradual acceptance of her father's death, and confusion over her fond feelings toward Francesco's sympathetic sister, Claudia. Ultimately, the woman helps Jackie escape by putting her on a train back to her mother. Safety tips are seamlessly incorporated into this action-packed book. Readers will admire Jackie's survival sense. She is observant, analytical, always looking for a way out of this frightening situation. Since her Italian captors speak no English, the first-person, nearly dialogue-free narration makes Jackie's isolation and confusion more immediate