Sunday, August 28, 2005

Italian song sung at christmas?

When I visited my family in Italy during christmas of '06, they sung a song around christmas eve while marching through the house in a sort-of train. I don't remember how the song goes but from what I remember, it seemed like it was a tradition there. Is anyone familiar with this and if so, can you tell me the name of the song? I'm going back this christmas to visit them again. Thank you

Answer on Italian song sung at christmas?

No. There is no Italian Christmas tradition involving trains of people nor other dances.
In parties, one of the most common dance game is the "trenino" (="small train"), that is a dance where everyone keep his/her hands over the shoulders of the person in front of him/her, thus forming a marching line of people. Usually it is done alternating a male to a female and sometimes more complex exercises. But it is not typical of Christmas only.
And there are the international Christmas carols. To hear some of them, buy the last CD by Andrea Bocelli. But they are not for dancing.
May be your experience was a tradition peculiar to your family.

But why don't you ask to them?