Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What are some Self-inspiring songs?

I am really low on self-esteem. I've been bullied a lot through grade school and have become really self-conscience. So, I was wondering if you guys know any songs that have a way of changing your point of view on life or that are self-inspiring? I really like who says- selena gomez even though I hate the rest of her music. I just like the lyrics :) does any one else know any songs that can lift your spirits like that one?

Answer on What are some Self-inspiring songs?

Keep The Faith - Michael Jackson
I Am Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
Greased Lightnin' - ( from the 'Grease' soundtrack)
Hey Soul Sister - Train

P.S. I used to be like you, you just have to realize that if people bully you then you're better than them. Don't be selfconscious, because nobody is looking at you and critsizing. Also, maybe talk to your parents or a close friend about it and share your worries. Try doing stuff that you would normally be embarrassed about but that make you laugh - that gives you lots more confidence, makes you happier and makes you feel good about yourself because you have achieved something. Good luck.