Monday, August 1, 2005

I'm going to Malta in August - what is it like?

Done a lot of the med countries already - France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece - will it be like them or will there be a different vibe altogether

Answer on I'm going to Malta in August - what is it like?

I've lived in Malta for over 12 years, so if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Malta is very hot, crowded, dusty and humid. It's lovely in summer - diving is great here, if you're interested in that. Beaches are mostly rocky, so if you're looking for sandy beaches don't go, because there's only 2 and they're always packed. Visiting Gozo and Comino are a must (the neighbouring islands) and you can reach them within 20 minutes by the ferry which goes every hour I believe. Visit Mdina and Valletta, both of which are very old towns here in Malta with some beautiful (but crumbling) old buildings; churches. There are the megalithic temples and the Blue Lagoon. Concerning night-clubs, there's a couple of streets where night-clubs and bars are concentrated - Paceville. Although people are really into clubbing here, the nightlife here doesn't compare to the nightlife in others countries, like Ibiza or those kind of places. Also, don't come here for shopping...

It will have a similar vibe to Italy and Greece. The countries you mentioned are all Mediterranean so the type of vibe will be quite similar - very laid-back and 'Mediterranean'.

If you're into architecture and history Malta is definitely the place; if you're primarily looking for beaches and nightlife, think again :P