Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Are there any permitless exotic pets?

Are there any exotic pets that I could have that do not require a permit in New York?
I used to have a pet rat and he was a very cute and fun pet but he died a year ago and now I want the responsibility of an irregular pet again. I am extremely responsible and do an insane amount of research before I ever get a pet so I know how to love it appropriately. So please do not give me a lecture on how exotic pets are a lot of responsibility because I will research it first and find out myself. A list of legal animals in New York would be nice so I can choose one and do the research. Thank You. :D

Answer on Are there any permitless exotic pets?

I looked up the laws for exotic pet ownership in new york, your state banned almost every exotic animal you can get.
Here is the law:
New York

Category: B

Summary of Law: It is unlawful for a person to possess a wild animal. A wild animal is defined as: all members of the felidae family (except domestic cats); all members of the canidae family (except domestic dogs); all bears; all non-human primates, venomous reptiles, and crocodiles. A person who possesses a wild animal on the effective date of the law, January 1, 2005, has 60 days to obtain a permit for the animal with the Department of Environmental Conservation.

So, you may have to get a permit to own an exotic animal if you really want it.
I couldn't find a list of legal animals, only lists of banned animals. I was going to suggest sugar gliders or ferrets, but after researching it, I found they too are illegal in new york!

New york laws are weird, an animal may be legal in a certain city, but not in the rest of the state, or it may be legal in new york, but not in new york city...you really have to research exactly where you live to find out if what you want is legal.

The only thing I could think of that you can have, is another rat, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, non-venomous reptile (geckos and bearded dragons are nice), or a bird. Possibly a chinchilla, I didn't see that on any of the lists, so I'm not sure though.

Good luck with whatever you get!

Should you avoid brown sugar when your on a diet?

I was thinking bananas with brown sugar and granola would be good for breakfast but is brown sugar bad for you?

Answer on Should you avoid brown sugar when your on a diet?

Unless you're diabetic, brown sugar is not technically bad for you in moderation, but if you're on a diet, i'd avoid as much sugar as possible. Especially since bananas by themselves already have a lot of sugar to begin with.

Now I use granulated Splenda as my sweetener for everything and have lost some weight already. Although some people don't like the after taste of "fake" sugar (including me), so the solution I found was to gradually use less sugar and more Splenda (or Truvia - although I prefer Splenda's sweetness). They even sell half splenda half sugar nowadays, try those. Now I don't even taste the difference anymore! :D

Hope this helps and good luck! :)